Columbia University Commencement is an annual multifaith service that celebrates and honors the accomplishments of graduates from all affiliated schools. The President of the university gives the commencement address, which is followed by the awarding of degrees en masse to graduating students.

University Commencement is an event that has been a Columbia tradition since 1758. It is held each year to celebrate graduates from all Columbia schools, and it is the largest ceremony on the University's calendar. In addition to the main ceremony, Columbia hosts several additional graduation ceremonies. Some of these are smaller celebrations that are not part of the main event. These are generally open to the larger Columbia community. However, the specific times and locations for each of the smaller celebrations are not yet announced.

Multicultural Graduation Celebrations have been an important part of the Columbia graduation experience for years. These celebrations recognize and honor the contributions made by students of different cultural backgrounds to the Columbia community. They are cosponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and supported by the Columbia Alumni Association.

Traditionally, the president has conferred degrees en masse to graduating students, but the university has also recognized individual alumni who have contributed to the Columbia community. Alumnae can receive an Award for Excellence, which is presented to an alum who has demonstrated exceptional contributions to the Columbia community. This award is given to individuals who have excelled in their roles as leaders in the Columbia community.

First-Generation and Low-Income Students (FILIMS) are also invited to participate in these graduation celebrations. As a Columbia student, you may also be eligible for an invitation to attend one of the six other graduation events. Each of these graduation celebrations are not required, but you are encouraged to attend.

There are four undergraduate schools, and each of these schools conducts its own graduation celebrations. Barnard College, Columbia Engineering, and the Graduate School of Education each hold identity-focused graduation ceremonies.

Lavender Graduation is a celebration dedicated to graduating LGBTQ students. Sponsored by the Lavender Grad Committee, the celebration offers a space for these students to acknowledge and pay tribute to their accomplishments. All Columbia community members are encouraged to attend.

Black Graduation is a celebration of the accomplishments of graduates from the Barnard Black program. This is supported by the General Studies Student Life Department and the Black Student Organization. Attending this ceremony is an intimate and meaningful opportunity to pay homage to the members of the graduating class.

Additional graduation celebrations for Columbia University students are organized by the students themselves. While not all of these celebrations are required, the students who organize them typically are members of affinity groups that support the college during their undergraduate years.

These graduation celebrations are designed to provide a more intimate environment for students and their families to celebrate the occasion. They also provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect with the college.

Columbia College is one of the oldest women's colleges in the country. Founded by the United Methodist Church in 1854, it is also one of the top-ranked colleges in the nation